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How can you help a loved one reach for sobriety when they are addicted to drugs or alcohol?
Written on: 12/11/2017

That is the million dollar question. Perhaps it’s so difficult to answer because no two people are alike. And because very few people are actually able to “rescue” another unless that person is ready for help. So, it often becomes a very frustrating and sometimes maddening situation when the person we are so desperate to […]

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How to Stay Clean as a Recovering Alcoholic this Holiday Season
Written on: 12/11/2017

The holidays are right around the corner. All around the world people will be celebrating for their own reasons. But, for a recovering alcoholic, the holidays can be a time filled with anxiety about how to stay clean. With alcohol seen as a staple in our society for holiday parties, gifts, and everything in between, […]

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Why Choosing to Utilize Sober Living Programs is Best for Recovery
Written on: 12/04/2017

You’ve may have been through many or all the steps of addiction treatment; intervention, detox, residential treatment, and outpatient programs. You finally feel like you’ve gotten the methods taught in treatment down and you think you’re ready to go out in the world a new, sober you. But, someone may have suggested you consider sober […]

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