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Aftercare Program

Detoxification and treatment is the most important first step, but the process of recovery doesn’t end there.

At Simple Path Recovery, we believe a comprehensive aftercare program is crucial to the recovery process; in many cases it’s just as important as the treatment process.

That’s because it takes time for new behaviors and thinking patterns to become ingrained in human beings. All people—not just our clients—-are apt to fall back on old habits and learned behaviors, especially within the first few months of implementing change.

We teach our clients that recovery is a life-long commitment and to ensure the greatest measure of success, the first stages of recovery must be treated with the utmost of care. Returning to the stresses of everyday life and the places where a client indulged his addiction can put an undue amount of pressure on the newly recovered.

We see aftercare as a bridge between new and hard-earned sobriety and the reality of daily life. It’s a gap time, meant to reinforce new behaviors and thinking patterns, allowing our clients to gradually rejoin the world with a sense of determination and confidence.

Our Aftercare Program offers full time support to our clients while encouraging independence and a steady but cautious reentry into a world filled with stresses, pressures and responsibility.  Clients are housed in welcoming and modern sober living houses located near the beaches and Intracoastal Waterway in both Deerfield Beach and Pompano Beach in South Florida.

Our Aftercare Program is a comprehensive and structured program that partners with our clients to ensure the greatest amount of success in maintaining sobriety:

We offer 24/7 supervision and care

Random drug testing is used to ensure commitment to sober living

Transportation to and from 12 Step meetings is part of our daily program

Structured group activities such as fishing, bowling and movies help to reintroduce clients to sober living

Group meetings help mark progress and extend encouragement to others

A family-like environment is fostered at our center so our clients feel comfortable and supported in the recovery process

At Simple Path Recovery, we know that making it through the rigors of drug treatment is a major milestone and our Aftercare Program is designed to ensure your continued success. But we also know the best success stories stem from individualized treatment plans that are suited to our clients’ needs and circumstances.

Detoxification is the most important first step, but the process of recovery doesn’t end there. Science and research have proven that longstanding substance abuse changes and alters the functioning of the brain. Once the drug abuse has ended, these changes can endure for a long period of time.

That’s why aftercare has become an important component of recovery from substance abuse.  The impact of addiction is typically paired with various psychological changes in the psyche, and many of the behaviors, feelings and life patterns endure even after the substance is removed from the body. This newfound understanding of addiction underscores the need for continued long-term treatment.

We recognize that the length of treatment is directly related to the reality of relapse. The longer the treatment, the more likely our clients are to succeed. The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that most people need 90 days of treatment to succeed and that longer treatment periods correlate to better results.

That’s why Simple Path’s treatment plan is a three-tiered, step-down program. It ensures the greatest measure of success to our valued clients—-a success that we take personally.

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