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Addiction and Family: Planning for Intervention

Simple Path Recovery on April 16, 2018

Helpless. It’s what a lot of families feel when they see a loved one fighting addiction. There are times when family members feel like help isn’t available. They think there’s nothing else they can do. Or, they feel like they don’t have enough knowledge to really help their family. But, families don’t need to feel that way. There are plenty of ways for the fight against addiction and family to come together during recovery. Let’s talk about a couple of options.

Why Recovery from Addiction and Family Involvement is Important

It’s really tough when a loved one is struggling with substance addiction. Often, it feels like they are completely different people. It usually makes families feel uncomfortable around the person who is addicted. It can even make people fearful of their loved ones because of the character changes addiction can cause. But, it’s important to remember that your family member does not really mean to be hurtful. He or she is being impacted by a harmful substance. Since people who have addictions are hurting themselves as well as their families, family involvement is even more important.

Also, people who are fighting addiction need to know that they are loved. If they know people are concerned, it may help them. Overcoming addiction can seem really scary. Withdrawal is hard work. And, maintaining sobriety isn’t easy at all. But, a great family full of supporters is a comfort to people who go through treatment.

How Can Our Family Help?

Maybe you have a loved one who is suffering. But, you’re not sure how your family can help. You’re not alone! Lots of families feel stuck when it comes to helping an addicted family member. But, know that there is something you can do!

If you think your loved one is battling addiction, you need to act fast! There is absolutely no benefit to “waiting it out”. Your family member needs help immediately. If you wait one day more, the addiction might do more damage than you could ever imagine.

So, what exactly can you do to get your loved one the help he or she needs. Have you talked to your family member only to be met with resistance and denial? That’s common, but you still need to persist. Your loved one may be unhappy with you, but they’ll appreciate your stubbornness when they’re finally living in freedom.

Don’t try to do this alone. If you see your loved one fighting, get the whole gang. Family involvement is a corporate action; it’s everyone doing everything they can to help. This might mean having an intervention.

Intervention for Addiction and Family Involvement

Ok, first, let’s talk about what an addiction intervention is not. It’s not a single moment where the whole family ambushes their loved one and forces them to go to a recovery center. It’s not a situation in which everyone surrounds the person and makes them admit to addiction. But, an addiction intervention is a method of family involvement that includes influence.

Usually, a family needs to figure out a time when they can all sit down with their loved one. In this meeting, the family needs to discuss the addiction issue and be honest with their loved one. They’ll need to express their concerns in a stern but loving way. The family should make clear that they are doing this to help their loved one, not hurt them. Each family member should express that they love the person who is struggling with addiction. But it’s important to let the person know why help is needed. Tell the person how the addiction is hurting the family and how much treatment will help everyone.

Need Help Intervening?

Here at Simple Path Recovery, our interventionalists know what it takes to include family involvement. We know how hard this step might be for your family, but we also know all about the benefits. The overall health of your family is important to us. That’s why we work with you to help your loved one gain freedom from addiction. Contact us today if your loved one needs help through family involvement and intervention.

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