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My Drug Addiction Therapy Sessions Are Over. Now What?

Simple Path Recovery on May 17, 2018

So, you’ve recently finished your treatment process for addiction. If you’re not sure where to go from here, you’re not alone. Lots of people find themselves in the world of “In Between”. After you’ve lived a life plagued by addiction, things seem out of whack. You started therapy, introducing yourself to another abnormal way of life. Maybe you lived at your treatment facility, away from friends and family members. Maybe you stopped working so you could focus on getting better. Alcohol and drug addiction therapy can be very demanding. But, you made it through and you’re finally free from addiction. But, now what?

When Drug Addiction Therapy is Done

People in recovery often attend therapy sessions. Some may go to group therapy. Others may discuss their struggles with only their therapists in an individual therapy setting. Regardless of the type of drug addiction therapy, the person goes through drastic lifestyle changes. He or she is no longer living a life of secrecy and addiction. Things are out in the open now. People in recovery have to address and work through emotions and behaviors they hadn’t really thought about before. This makes alcohol and drug addiction therapy a lot different than normal, everyday living.

As a person goes through therapy, he or she may feel strange. But, therapy has a way of making people feel safe. They can share their stories and struggles with a whole community of people who understand. The others around them are actually going through the same things. People find comfort in that. Also, going through addiction recovery is better when you have a therapist you can talk to about what you’re facing. All of these things add up to create a welcoming environment for those who need alcohol or drug addiction therapy.

But, after therapy sessions are over, people often feel unsure. This is a common situation. Before treatment, the individual was involved in a harmful lifestyle of substance abuse. Then, the person was able to transform through the help of drug addiction therapy. Treatment helps people to identify addiction forming habits, harmful behaviors, and negative thought patterns. This is done in an effort to equip people for life on the other side of addiction. But, even with all of this, people may feel afraid to go back into the “real world”.

Aftercare for People in Recovery

We here at Simple Path Recovery understand the way people feel after alcohol or drug addiction therapy. It’s common to feel overwhelmed by the idea of life after treatment. How do I get a job? How do I fit back into society? What do I do to stay out of trouble? These questions and more might all float around in people’s minds. But, there is an answer to all of them: aftercare.

Simple Path Recovery offers an aftercare program to those who may need a little help transitioning back into daily life. We believe that recovery continues even after treatment is over. So, we work to get people ready for that shift after therapy.

The uneasy feelings of this transition don’t end when the sun goes down. So, our aftercare program offers around the clock care to our clients. We want to give our clients the best possible care, even after alcohol or drug addiction therapy. It’s common for bad habits to try to return. And, it’s not always easy to fight them. That’s why our care continues when detox and treatment are over.

Trusting Simple Path With Your Recovery

Do you think that you or someone you know can benefit from our aftercare program? It’s not always easy to return to normal life after addiction. It’s our goal to ensure success, both during and after therapy. Just contact us today to continue your journey to freedom. Call us at 855-467-3625 or visit our Contact Us page to send us a message. Let’s beat addiction together.

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