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I Just Relapsed, Now What?

Simple Path Recovery on July 19, 2019

The Steps to Take When You Relapse 

Whether it’s been one year, a decade or just a day, a relapse can make you feel as if everything you have worked for has just been thrown away. However, this is not the case. Relapse is a part of recovery; it is a vital part of understanding how to get back up after you have fallen. What you do next is the part you should focus on. At our South Florida drug rehab, we want you to know that not all hope is lost and we are here to help you with your addictions.

Signs a Relapse Is Coming

While we may never know when a true relapse might happen, there are signs and symptoms that you can look out for to help predict relapse in the future.

  1. You Sobriety Commitment Has Stopped: Once you have ended the sobriety commitment by not attending your 12-step program or going to your aftercare program, the chances of a relapse become imminent. To have a successful sobriety, you must be willing to put in the work.
  2. No Support System: It is hard to do sobriety alone. People who have no support system back at home or wherever they are often relapse to find comfort in the drug they were addicted to before. Once you have completed your recovery, find a local support group, spiritual guidance, or an accountability buddy, someone you can turn to when a sudden craving hits or you feel the need to partake in drugs again.
  3. Not Doing This for Yourself: Many users enter rehab because an intervention has taken place, they have no clear intention of getting clean for themselves but rather to make their family or loved ones happy. Sometimes a court order is necessary to push someone into a program to avoid jail time. It is vital for a person to enter rehab of their own volition because they want to to get healthier for themselves. Relapse will happen if you do not care about the recovery process or even getting clean in the first place.


What Happens If I Relapse?

I just relapsed…now what? First, take a deep breath and understand that this isn’t the end of your road to recovery. Recovery is a journey and relapse is a part of recovery, the road is not straight. The good news is that you have just realized you relapsed, this means you are taking responsibility for your actions for once rather than making others accountable, it a lesson you can learn and grow from.

However, if you feel as if you need to enter rehab again or speak to an addiction specialist, you can always contact us at Simple Path Recovery and learn more about our drug detox center.



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