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Why Choosing to Utilize Sober Living Programs is Best for Recovery

Becki on December 4, 2017

You’ve may have been through many or all the steps of addiction treatment; intervention, detox, residential treatment, and outpatient programs. You finally feel like you’ve gotten the methods taught in treatment down and you think you’re ready to go out in the world a new, sober you. But, someone may have suggested you consider sober living programs. Whether it was an addiction specialist or just someone who cares, they’re right to suggest sober living programs to anyone in the earliest days of recovery. These programs offer a lot of support and hold individuals in recovery accountable when they need it most; right after treatment graduation. Consider the benefits of sober living programs before you go on your way and assimilate back into society with all you’ve learned throughout your time in treatment.

What are Sober Living Programs?

A sober living program is an aftercare extension of addiction treatment which provides living environments for individuals who have recently graduated from addiction treatment. Every sober living home may be different, but most require that residents of the home abide by set house rules and take part in weekly events. Some of these rules and requirements may include:

  • Daily curfew to prevent reverting back to addictive behaviors during nighttime hours.
  • Cleaning routines and daily chores.
  • Weekly 12 step meetings or group therapy.
  • Weekly or unscheduled drug tests to encourage abstinence.

Keeping residents accountable for their actions is one of the main attributes of a sober living environment. Individuals in active addiction may not have been held accountable for their actions, so getting back into a routine which includes daily tasks and expectations is a great way to begin assimilating back into society. This way, once a stay at a sober living home is complete, an individual will have developed a healthy lifestyle which incorporates sobriety and all the other means of being a successful member of society.

Exploring More Benefits of Sober Living Programs

Support: In early addiction recovery, support is vital. During active addiction, individuals may self-medicate with substances to numb negative emotions or feelings. But, during recovery, you won’t have substances to numb any emotion, so you’ll likely experience all of them. And, to get through all of the highs and lows that will undoubtedly come at some point in recovery, it’s best to establish a system of support. Sober living homes are that support. And, living with peers in recovery will help you to establish lasting friendships which can offer support for the rest of your life!

Relapse Prevention: Sure, you could move back home right after you graduate a treatment program. But, it’s almost always a bad idea to do so. A past environment is one of the most common triggers to relapse. And, relapse in the earliest days of recovery is the most deadly. So, this is an extremely vulnerable time in your recovery. Make decisions about your life which will motivate you to remain sober and prevent a deadly relapse overdose. One of those decisions should be choosing a sober living program which meets all of your needs.

Accountability: As mentioned previously, sober living homes usually require residents to behave according to rules set into place which encourage accountability. While it’s important to go to treatment to obtain methods to remaining sober, it’s also important to learn how to live sober successfully. Sober living environments provide the accountability many were ducking and dodging throughout their active addiction. Dd

Comfort: You may feel uneasy about going back into the world sober. And, there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. But, you don’t have to dive right in. Sober living programs give you the chance to comfortably start on the path to sobriety.

Ready to Choose a Sober Living Program?

It’s proven that the more an individual spends with treatment aftercare (like sober living programs), the better chance they have to remain sober. If you’re ready to choose a sober living home in South Florida, consider Simple Path Recovery for your aftercare needs. If you have any questions about the process of getting started with sober living, please give us a call today at 855-467-3625.

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