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About Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Simple Path Recovery on October 26, 2018

When a person is dealing with an addiction problem, the best thing he or she can ever do is ask for help. It’s important to get the right kind of help, though. There are plenty of treatment facilities out there. But, it’s necessary to find the facility that’s best for you. Be sure that the place you choose takes an individualized approach to treatment. In other words, the treatment center should keep your individual and unique needs in mind and consider your specific case, working to meet each of those needs. One of the ways in which we here at Simple Path Recovery work towards that goal is by providing various types of therapy. These therapies are designed to address numerous areas of your life and help you to work through any issues you may be facing in recovery. Cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction is one of our approaches.

Many individuals are unsure about what addiction treatment involves. Some are nervous about the changes that recovery will bring with it. Although there’s no doubt that overcoming drug or alcohol addiction is a positive thing, people are often afraid to make adjustments. When it comes to getting treatment, many have doubts. Sometimes, people are unsure about how helpful counseling and therapy actually is. This can make one apprehensive about getting professional help for substance abuse. But cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction is one of the most helpful types of therapy for those who are working to overcome drug or alcohol misuse. Let’s talk about why!

What’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Addiction?

Before we discuss the benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction, let’s define this kind of counseling. It’s also called CBT and its goal is to help people identify and address their thinking patterns and behaviors. Once people can recognize their harmful and negative thoughts and behaviors, this therapy works to help them learn how to combat those patterns. People who are working to overcome addiction also deal with hurtful thoughts and emotions. Many experience feelings of guilt, hopelessness, depression, shame, fear, anxiety, or unworthiness. These negative emotions and thinking patterns may have actually caused the substance abuse problem in the first place. So, they must be addressed and treated in order to prevent relapse.

The Benefits of CBT for Substance Abuse Treatment

Now that we’ve talked about what CBT is and how it is used in treating addiction, let’s discuss the advantages of this kind of counseling. People who receive cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction treatment can experience many different benefits. Let’s take a look at some of those benefits.

  • This therapy helps people to learn how to deal with negative emotions and feelings. We all feel stressed and discouraged from time to time. But, the way we respond to those triggers is what matters. CBT can help you to develop healthier ways to respond to and address those emotions.
  • CBT can increase your self-esteem. As we mentioned before, many people who deal with addiction also think poorly of themselves as they feel ashamed about their substance use. But, cognitive behavioral therapy can help people to address those negative thoughts and combat them with positive ones.
  • As a type of group therapy, CBT allows you to develop a strong support system. It allows you to discover a community of people who are all reaching towards freedom. Through therapy, you can learn with and from others who are also working towards recovery.

If you think cognitive behavioral therapy can help you as you strive to overcome addiction, then Simple Path Recovery is the place for you! Call us at 855-467-3625 to learn more about our services.

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