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When You’re Dealing With Trauma and Substance Dependence

Simple Path Recovery on November 28, 2018

People who are suffering from addiction often deal with other situations. Some individuals struggle with depression along with substance abuse. Others suffer from addiction paired with an anxiety disorder. Then, there are many individuals who are dealing with trauma along with substance abuse and dependence. Trauma is the way the brain responds to a disturbing and difficult experience. Many times, people think that only war veterans or children who have been abused suffer from this psychological damage. Although it is certainly true that people who have experienced those things may also suffer from trauma, other people do, too. Sometimes, traumatic experiences may involve witnessing a car collision, being emotionally abused, or going through the death of a loved one. Trauma comes in different forms. And its effects can cause problems that are extremely negative and life-changing. Unfortunately, these issues often cause people to develop problems with drug or alcohol abuse.

More About the Effects of Trauma in Your Life

If you’re dealing with trauma, it’s likely that you’ve experienced some of the common symptoms and effects of this psychological distress. Trauma is a mental damage that occurs when a person goes through something that’s very difficult. In other words, it’s a negative mental response to a traumatic event. Again, these events don’t always involve physical or sexual abuse. They don’t always involve disturbing sights from the line of duty. These situations are definitely the cause of many people’s struggle with trauma. But, any other type of event that causes mental or emotional pain could also be at the root of a person’s struggle with this issue. Sometimes, the effects of trauma don’t appear all at once. Often, part of the impact does not even become evident until years down the road. As people become more and more affected by the traumatic experiences they’ve had, the results begin to show.

A person who is dealing with trauma may struggle emotionally. He or she may not be able to truly express what is happening inside. Some even become emotionally numb, struggling to feel much of anything at all. Others may shut out specific emotions that may evoke memories of the traumatic events that occurred in the past. Trauma can also affect the mental processes of the individual who is suffering from it. It impacts the way people think and behave. It can cause people to become socially withdrawn. A lot of people who are dealing with trauma and its effects may also become depressed. To cope with the effects of trauma, people often seek comfort in things like drugs or alcohol. Getting high or drunk allows people to escape from the pain, even if just for a short time. However, people who turn to substance use often develop addiction problems.

Dealing With Trauma in Treatment

The combination of addiction and trauma is a dangerous and harmful pair. But, sadly, many people are currently suffering from it. The truth is, overcoming trauma is hard. It’s not easy to move past emotional and mental pain. Just as the body takes a while to heal after an injury, the mind also takes time. And, just as a physical injury needs professional attention, people who are dealing with trauma also need professional help to recover. So, if you’re dealing with trauma and an addiction problem, it’s time to find the guidance and support you need in order to overcome the pain. Here at Simple Path Recovery, we believe that you deserve to have peace and live a life of freedom. Allow us to help you find your way to a true recovery. Just contact us today to find out how we can help you. Call us at (855) 467-3625.

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