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Frequently Asked Questions About Addiction Treatment

What treatment therapies are used in the program?

Intensive therapy is essential to the addiction recovery process. And because we know that a one-size-fits-all isn't the best approach, the most effective treatment plan is tailored to a person's addiction and his or her individual needs.

Detox is the first step on the road to sobriety, but many other factors must come into play to ensure success, including therapy. A comprehensive treatment program includes the use of several types of therapy that will help clients learn how to handle the stresses on the path to sobriety, teaches them to overcome cravings and urges, and helps them to navigate complicated relationships that have suffered during the course of drug or alcohol abuse.

Everyone in recovery has an array of similar problems; but we recognize our clients have concerns and issues that reflect their own unique lives. That's why at Simple Path Recovery, we utilize the latest research and treatment modalities and we tailor them to the individual.

1. Let's take a closer look at our therapeutic program: We believe group therapy is an essential part of recovery.
Joined by other peers on the road to recovery, you are both challenged and supported in a group setting. Our group therapy sessions are facilitated by a licensed therapist who specializes in addiction and recovery.

2. Individual therapy gives each of our clients one-on-one time with a member of our therapeutic staff. This is a place to discuss possible co-diagnoses such as anxiety or depression, and to feel supported by a knowledgeable and trained staff member whose sole purpose is to help you succeed. At Simple Path Recovery, we utilize a therapeutic method called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which teaches a person how to recognize situations, moods or thoughts that simulate drug cravings and how to replace those negative thoughts and behaviors with healthier ways of coping.

3. Family therapy is an important component to our treatment program—both by phone and in person during family weekends.

4. We utilize 12 Step Programs where individuals with a common goal come together and support one another on the road to recovery.

We encourage those in the process of finding the right treatment center to call and discuss our treatment modality with one of our licensed therapists.

Also please follow this link to meet our staff or to learn more about our treatment program.

How much time do you spend in the program?

At Simple Path Recovery, our step-down program ensures the greatest level of success in recovery from substance abuse. It involves a three-tiered approach that includes Intensive Outpatient Treatment, followed by the less intensive Outpatient Treatment and then transitions into Aftercare.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment typically lasts 30-60 days.

Outpatient Treatment typically lasts 30-60 days.

Aftercare is planned on an individual basis. It typically starts at 30 days and can last as long as is needed before our clients return to their lives, ready and able to face the challenges before them.

Please call our center to speak to our specialists about our treatment program and the length of stay likely to best suite you or your loved one’s needs.

Does the program treat people who also have other conditions?

Co-curring conditions are something we see quite often in the recovery community. Examples of conditions that are found in recovering addicts include anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder.

Simple Path Recovery has a psychiatrist on staff who sees each and every client and provides complete evaluations that help spot any potential problems.

A medication treatment plan is offered to clients who are discovered to have conditions occurring alongside addiction.

Assuring our clients that their physical and emotional needs will be met during the recovery process is an important part of our success.

Can family members be involved in the program?

Involving the family is an important cornerstone of our treatment process. We know that having the right kind of support is imperative to those in recovery, and that individuals are more likely to succeed when their family takes an active role.

Phone calls are facilitated between client and family on a weekly basis at Simple Path, moderated by one of our clinical therapists. This point of contact is often the first step in facilitating healing between family and client.

Next, we encourage loved ones to participate in our family weekends, where both client and family members come together for a family dinner, family activities and a therapy session.

Please follow this link to learn more about our family-centered treatment program.

What addictions does Simple Path Recovery treat?

Our primary focus is treating individuals struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. This also involves those suffering from a dual diagnosis, which is an alcohol or drug addiction coexisting with a psychiatric condition such as bipolar disorder, depression, PTSD, or anxiety.

We treat clients with an addiction to a variety of substances, including opiates in pill form, heroin, cocaine and others.

Our treatment process is designed to address the choice of substance that was abused by our clients, along with their individual needs and unique life situations.

Please follow this link to learn more about our treatment approach.

What if I have warrants pending or other legal issues?

We realize substance abuse is a complex issue, involving nearly every facet of a client’s life, whether it's the destruction of family relationships, trouble with the law, or financial instability.

At Simple Path Recovery, we assist you in finding outside resources  to help you deal with whatever it is you're facing.

Our skilled case managers work closely with probation officers and courts to ensure our clients can focus on recovery for the duration of their stay.

Please call our center to learn more about the ways we can help you begin the recovery process—-the first and most important step in your journey.

What about privacy and confidentiality?

Your right to privacy isn't just something we take to heart in every step of your progress—— it's also the law.

Simple Path Recovery is in compliance with the Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information (“Privacy Rule”) that establishes a set of national standards for the protection of certain health information.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services established the Privacy Rule in order to implement the requirement of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (more familiarly known as HIPAA).

The Privacy Rule standards address the use and disclosure of an individual’s health information. A major goal of the Privacy Rule is to assure that an individual’s health information is properly protected, while allowing the flow of health information needed to provide and promote high-quality health care. It also assures the protection of the public’s health and well-being.

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