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This group of drugs produces specific effects of dissociation. This means they distort an individual’s perception of time and even surroundings. When a person is high on a hallucinogen, it’s commonly referred to as “tripping”. Otherwise known as psychedelics, there are a number of drugs which offer the effects of hallucinogens. While most of these drugs don’t lead to physical addiction, meaning they cause withdrawal symptoms after dependence is built, they can still lead to psychological addiction. So, individuals who abuse these substances find that they experience severe cravings and usually end up repeating addictive behaviors to get high again. Since hallucinogens cause seizures and convulsions which can be fatal, it’s important to seek help for hallucinogen addiction immediately. Addiction treatment can help individuals struggling with hallucinogen addiction heal from a life of addictive behavior.

Hallucinogen Addiction Treatment at Simple Path Recovery

Hallucinogen Addiction Treatment at Simple Path RecoveryWhat are Hallucinogens?

Hallucinogens are a classification of drugs which, to be included in the list, must provide dissociative symptoms. Typically, there are two types of hallucinogens: classic and dissociative. Additionally, hallucinogens can either be derived from natural substances like fungi or plants or synthetically produced by man in a lab. Either way, these drugs offer symptoms of both auditory and visual hallucinations, mood swings, and experiencing sensations which don’t exist.

Hallucinogen Addiction Treatment at Simple Path RecoveryTypes of Hallucinogens

There are a number of types of hallucinogens. While they all offer like-symptoms, they are all different in their own ways. Some commonly used types of hallucinogens include:

Hallucinogen Addiction Treatment at Simple Path RecoveryPCP: This dissociative type of hallucinogen has been around since the 50’s. It’s available in a liquid, powder, and pill. And, it can be administered in a number of ways including smoking, injecting, orally swallowed, and snorted. While most uses provide effects for around 4 hours, large doses can result in over 48 hour long trips. During use, individuals commonly experience a dissociation to reality and can exhibit psychosis-like behavior.

Hallucinogen Addiction Treatment at Simple Path RecoveryLSD: This substance is characterized as a classic hallucinogen. Commonly referred to as acid, LSD’s active ingredient is lysergic acid, which is derived from a specific fungus which grows on bread. However, it’s synthetically produced in labs across the country into its sellable, crystallized form. While it’s usually sold on the streets in the form of dissolvable tablets, it can also be added to candies and even absorbed directly through pores of the skin. This hallucinogen is one of the most commonly used as it dissociates users from reality for around 12 hours.

Hallucinogen Addiction Treatment at Simple Path RecoveryPsilocybin: Also called mushrooms, this substance is derived from–you guessed it–mushrooms. These mushrooms only grow in the Americas. Typically, users will consume the mushrooms whole, either raw or dehydrated. Or, it can be made into a tea or mixed in with food. Users describe effects which compare to the high of LSD, experiencing both auditory and visual hallucinations.

Hallucinogen Addiction Treatment at Simple Path RecoveryPeyote: Otherwise referred to as mescaline, this substance is derived from the peyote cactus. Native to the Americas, this cactus’ effects have been utilized in Mexico in religious ceremonies for centuries. Usually, it’s made into a drinkable tea, which provides a high which can last for hours, resulting in crippling fear, and lead to symptoms of psychosis until the substance leaves the body.

Hallucinogen Addiction Treatment at Simple Path RecoveryDMT: This substance provides a short-lived 10-minute “trip”. And, it can either be found occurring naturally in specific Amazonian plants, it can also be man-made in a lab. While DMT derived from the plant is usually made into a tea, synthetic DMT is sold in powder form. As a powder, it’s smoked from a pipe or vaporized and inhaled.

Hallucinogen Addiction Treatment at Simple Path Recovery

Hallucinogen Addiction Treatment at Simple Path Recovery

Treatment for Hallucinogen Abuse

While there may not be a physical addiction to hallucinogens, these substances can definitely lead to psychological addiction. And, many who use hallucinogens are struggling with concurring addictions and mental health disorders. If you or a loved one needs help with hallucinogen abuse, Simple Path Recovery can help!

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