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Heroin is a highly addictive and illicit substance derived from opium of the poppy seed plant. It’s sold on the street in a white or brownish-colored powder or in a black, sticky matter for smoking or injecting known as “tar”. While the dangers of heroin are widely well-known, individuals are still overdosing on heroin each and every day. Opioids and opiates are some of the most addictive substances on this earth. So, many individuals who have previously struggled with prescription addiction or other opioid addiction may resort to heroin use and get hooked on their first try.

No matter the method of administration or even how an individual got to the point of using heroin, there is always hope for recovery if an individual is ready to commit to sobriety. Here at Simple Path Recovery, we can tailor heroin addiction treatment methods specifically to each individual’s personal needs so that they may get the best chance for long-term recovery from addiction to heroin.

Heroin Addiction Treatment at Simple Path Recovery

Heroin Addiction Treatment at Simple Path RecoveryHow the Body Responds to the use of Heroin

Heroin is spread to the brain by way of the bloodstream. Once there, it transforms into morphine, which binds to opioid receptors in the brain. This affects the way the body translates signals of pain. And, instead, offers a rush of intoxicating euphoria by stimulating the release of dopamine. Dopamine and other released endorphins during this process are naturally produced chemicals which are responsible for good moods. When an individual uses heroin, the “high” effects can be directly related to this surge of dopamine production and release.

Heroin Addiction Treatment at Simple Path RecoveryHeroin Abuse, Dependence, and Addiction

Since levels of dopamine are extremely high when an individual uses heroin, these levels decrease immensely when the drug is no longer in the system. And, with extended use, those using heroin can experience the presence of dopamine only when the drug is used. So, they may not act as they normally would, as dopamine plays a big role in how we are rewarded for our behaviors each and every day. As a result, individuals begin to need more of the drug to experience the rush of dopamine they crave, known as tolerance. Additionally, this tolerance may be a sign of a developed dependence. When individuals are dependent on heroin, they begin to experience adverse reactions when heroin isn’t used and can expect uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms like:

  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Muscle aches
  • Sleeplessness
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach cramps

Sadly, those who try to stop using heroin on their own will likely end up using again simply to stop these agitating withdrawal symptoms. However, there is hope for those who have not been successful with detoxing and remaining sober on their own. Medical detox facilities can provide medications and supervision which both help to reduce the risk of problems during the detox period. And, medications can even work to provide relief from withdrawal symptoms until complete. Finally, after detox, treatment is helpful in teaching individuals struggling with heroin addiction to maintain a life of sobriety and obtain successful recovery.

Heroin Addiction Treatment at Simple Path Recovery

Heroin Addiction Treatment at Simple Path Recovery

Treatment for Heroin Addiction

There are a number of therapeutic approaches, both traditional and alternative, that are effective in helping individuals gain freedom from heroin addiction. But, there is no one therapy that helps every patient. So, here at Simple Path Recovery, we believe in tailoring a treatment approach which meets the needs of each individual who seeks recovery. If you or a loved one needs help with heroin addiction, don’t delay. Get the help needed today!

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