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Inhalants are usually legally purchased household products that individuals may use to “huff”, or breathe from the surface to inhale chemicals and get high. While it’s one of the least common addictions, it usually affects adolescents who are easily influenced or cannot get their hands on other substances. While the high from these chemicals may not last long, it’s extremely addictive. It’s common that individuals start utilizing inhalants for the initial experience, but end up developing an addiction within days. Inhaling chemicals is extremely dangerous, and many individuals have died even during their first experience huffing chemicals due to cardiac arrest. So, if you or a loved one is addicted to inhalants, it’s crucial to find help through treatment.

Inhalant Addiction Treatment at Simple Path Recovery

Inhalant Addiction Treatment at Simple Path RecoveryWhat are Inhalants?

Most inhalants can be found in or around the home. This is why most individuals who become either psychologically or physically addicted to these drugs are adolescents. Because they don’t have the connections or means to obtain illegal substances, they reach for the easiest way to get high by inhalants found around the house. Basically, these products release chemical vapors from their liquid surface, and, when inhaled, provide an intoxicating rush of euphoria for a few short minutes. Most inhalant abusers either don’t know about the horrifying dangers of inhaling these fumes. And, when they do find out, they’re already psychologically or physically addicted to these chemicals.

“Huffing”, or breathing in the chemical vapors, is the most common way inhalant abusers will use inhalants to get high. But, others may just simply spray aerosol products directly into the nasal passage. Finally, “bagging”, another way of inhaling, involves filling plastic bags with chemical fumes and placing over the head to continuously breathe in these toxic vapors. Obviously, this method offers even further dangers such as suffocation and strangling via the use of plastic bags. Products which can be used for inhaling include:

  • Nail polish remover
  • Hairspray
  • Glue
  • Gasoline
  • Bleach
  • Cleaners
  • Paint thinner
  • Cooking sprays
  • Lighter fluid
  • Shoe polish
  • And much more

Inhalant Addiction Treatment at Simple Path RecoveryHow the Body Responds to the use of Inhalants

Toxins are taken into the lungs and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream to be carried to the brain. The result is an intense high that lasts around 20 minutes. But, the toxins inhaled can drastically slow down the body’s systems, including the respiratory system. The common result of decreased breathing is a lack of oxygen to the brain, resulting in death. Furthermore, not only does inhalant use slow down the body’s functions and place users at a high risk of death, but it’s also severely addicting. Numerous studies show that these drugs are both physically and psychologically addictive even after a single use. So, if users don’t die during their first use of inhalants, they are bound to try again. And, in turn, place themselves at risk again for slowing their body’s systems down until they never wake up to see another day.

Inhalant Addiction Treatment at Simple Path Recovery

Inhalant Addiction Treatment at Simple Path Recovery

Treatment for Inhalant Abuse and Addiction

Because of the high risk for fatalities, it’s important that those addicted to inhalants get the help they need. Only treatment is effective in teaching those addicted to substances how to live a life free from the cycle of addictive thoughts and behaviors. This way, successful and long-term healing can be obtained. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction to inhalants, get help today. The only way to be completely free from the risk of inhalant overdose and death is to stop using…forever!

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