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Contrary to popular belief, marijuana addiction is real. With continual use, individuals can gain a heightened tolerance, needing to use more to feel the same effects. And, when dependence forms, individuals can and will experience withdrawal symptoms like depression, anxiety, and mood swings. Additionally, individuals who become dependent on marijuana may exhibit addictive behaviors like impulsivity and self-destructive behaviors. It’s common that individuals who wish to stop using marijuana have trouble doing so alone. So, treatment can be helpful in establishing a full recovery from marijuana addiction and a life of sobriety for those who need it.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment at Simple Path Recovery

Marijuana Addiction Treatment at Simple Path RecoveryWhat is Marijuana?

Basically, marijuana is the dried flowers of a plant called Cannabis Sativa. It’s called many names: Mary Jane, pot, weed, green, herb, bud, ganja…the list goes on. Along with having many names, this drug can be consumed in a number of ways. People often smoke this substance by rolling it into a cigarette called a joint, rolling it within tobacco papers called a blunt, or smoke it through the use of glass pipes. Also, marijuana is often used in culinary practice as a tea or placed into certain foods. Finally, it can be transformed into an oil which is used for burning through vaporizer devices or in glass pipes.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment at Simple Path RecoveryHow the Body Responds to the use of Marijuana

Individuals get high from using marijuana because it contains one specific component, Tetrahydrocannabinol, often referred to as THC. THC almost directly mirrors the structure of a natural brain chemical called anandamide. This naturally produced chemical is responsible for sending important messages to and from brain cells to the nerve system. These messages include how the body translates memory, time, cognition, coordination, and sensory. As a result, the use of marijuana can have impacts on normal brain functioning like the reduction of ability to retain short-term memory and impaired thinking. Additionally, like other drugs, the presence of THC in the brain stimulates overproduction of dopamine. This naturally produced “feel-good” chemical of the brain is overstimulated when the presence of THC occurs. And, when it’s not, frequent users may not be naturally rewarded for everyday behaviors like sex, eating, and even watching a favorite sports team. So, while using this substance may provide a rush of dopamine upon initial use, long-term use can definitely lead to developed dependence, resulting in adverse reactions to behavior.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment at Simple Path RecoveryMarijuana Abuse, Tolerance, and Dependence

It’s commonly said that marijuana is not addictive. And, while many users may not develop a psychological dependence, some do. Long Term and frequent users of marijuana may experience cravings, mood swings, irritability, insomnia, and decreased appetite. Individuals can be affected negatively by the use of marijuana. In fact, some even find that they cannot stop using the drug even when it starts being responsible for negative impact on life. This is known as marijuana use disorder, or even more common, marijuana addiction.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment at Simple Path Recovery

Marijuana Addiction Treatment at Simple Path Recovery

Support for those Struggling with Marijuana Abuse

Fortunately, those who are not successful in detoxing and recovering from marijuana abuse, tolerance, dependence, or addiction are not alone. And, there is treatment which is designed to specifically help those dealing with this type of addiction. Here at Simple Path Recovery, we develop treatment programs for each individual’s addiction and history with addiction. This way, each individual is able to participate in the programs and therapies which are best suited to help them gain successful recovery. If you are ready to take on life without the holds of addiction, contact us today!

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