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Meet the Co-Founders of Simple Path Recovery: Justin Dunbar and Samantha Van Sant

Simple Path Recovery on December 19, 2016

Justin Dunbar and Samantha Van Sant moved to Southern Florida with a vision; to better their lives and the lives of others. Samantha moved to South Florida from New Jersey at the age of 21 years old to find a new way of life. After her own struggles with substance abuse, she was desperate to change. Samantha began in the field of substance abuse in 2008, where she was able to follow her desire to help others where she once was. Justin originally began in the recovery field due to his own struggles with addition for over 15 years. After recovery, Justin decided he wanted to give back and expresses that passion by helping others in the substance abuse industry. Through rehabilitation and support, Justin and Samantha found a way out. They are passionate about giving back to others and showing people that there is hope.

Justin and Samantha met in 2010 while working in the substance abuse industry and shared a similar interest of recovery and helping others. Together they decided to open Simple Path Recovery to aid in the recovery of others burden with addiction in May 2015. Justin and Samantha know first-hand the experience of going through rehabilitation and living in recovery. Today, they apply their experience and knowledge at Simple Path Recovery.

What we do at Simple Path Recovery South Florida

Drugs and alcohol are only the stem of the problem. Simple Path helps patients get to the root of the problem and nurtures them through the process of how to handle life stressors in a healthy way.

Simple Path employ’s true therapy techniques, such as random drug testing, 24-hour supervision, transportation to and from meetings daily, a designated sober coach to help with life skills (cooking, cleaning, and so on).

The treatment at Simple Path teaches a lot about accountability and responsibility. The program stresses the importance of getting a job and the staff will assist patients in getting hired. Simple Path will work with patients to reach their educational goals from receiving a GED to graduating from college. ­

It’s important to live with integrity, dignity, and honesty, as well as to be loving and caring. At Simple Path Recovery, the helpful staff believes that everyone deserves a second chance and will be there for you on your path to recovery every step of the way.

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