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Residential Treatment Program

When you think of rehabilitation facilities for addiction treatment, you’re probably thinking of residential treatment. Just as its title claimed, residential treatment houses individuals during their treatment stay. This offers many advantages and is the most intensive form of treatment available. So, it’s usually suggested that first-time treatment experiences are with a residential program.

Residential Treatment Program for Addiction

Residential Treatment in South Florida | Simple Path RecoveryUsually, residential treatment programs are offered on a 30, 60, or 90-day basis. It all depends on an individual’s need for treatment and past experience with drug use. All of this will be determined by an individual’s medical assessment. This assessment addresses an individual’s drug use history, medical issues, mental health, and more to help determine the best fit for treatment and the therapies which will be utilized throughout treatment.

Some Benefits of Choosing Residential Treatment

Dual Diagnosis: Addiction is commonly paired with mental health conditions. Whether addiction was a cause or a result of these issues, it’s important to address both in treatment so that an individual can establish true healing. Dual diagnosis program in residential treatment aims to have an individual focus on the causes of both their addiction and mental health issues so that they can be confronted. This helps to establish helpful coping methods so that relapse doesn’t occur and individuals can obtain long-lasting recovery.

Therapies: While therapy is offered with other types of treatment. But those enrolled in a residential program will get to utilize therapy services more often. Both individual and group therapy sessions prove to help individuals with a number of issues that arise in the days of early recovery. These issues may include managing relationships, coping with triggers and cravings, dealing with negative emotions, and more.

Medication: It’s definitely possible to get medically assisted treatment with outpatient programs. But, the biggest problem with medically assisted treatment is knowing how much to prescribe. It takes trial and error to get the right kinds and amounts of medications for each patient who needs these medications. With residential treatment, medically assisted treatment can be closely supervised so that you’ll feel confident in the medication you’re taking and how it’s affecting your daily life.

Nutrition: Not only does a residential treatment program include healthy meals to help recovering individuals gain the strength they need to be successful, but they also teach individuals how to eat healthier. More often than not, those living in active addiction don’t get the nourishment they need to help the body to function optimally. So, nutrition counseling can help recovering individuals to understand healthy eating habits and to implement them into daily lifestyles.

More Advantages of Residential Treatment Programs

Residential Treatment in South Florida | Simple Path Recovery

Support: With outpatient programs, it can be more challenging to establish lasting relationships with others in recovery. Sure, you can meet others in weekly meetings or therapy sessions. But, you won’t be forced to spend most of your time with them. Residential treatment programs provide individuals with the chance to meet and establish relationships with like-minded people in recovery. This support is vital to recovery success because prior relationships may become triggers to relapse. Along with peer support, residential treatment provides the opportunity to establish relationships with mentors in recovery who may be a helpful resource or connection once treatment concludes.

Safety: While in recovery, there is no denying that there is a chance of relapse. And, relapse in the earliest days of recovery happens to be the deadliest. So, it’s important to remain safe during early recovery. While in residential treatment, you’ll be surrounded by medical professionals and addiction specialist aimed at keeping you as safe as possible throughout your stay.

Focus: Investing time and resources in residential treatment is a big commitment. And, like most big commitments, you’re not going to want to blow it. It’s a big step. And, big steps take lots of motivation, commitment, and focus. Not to mention, you’ll be surrounded by a setting that insists on maintaining recovery efforts. With other treatment options, you may lose motivation or even become tempted to give up altogether. But, diving into a residential program allows you to completely commit to the present moment. It is all about getting healing from addiction.

Ready to Take the First Step Toward a Stay in Residential Treatment?

Are you ready to heal from addiction in a safe, monitored environment with the help and care of compassionate addiction specialists? Here at Simple Path Recovery, we believe that every person addicted to substances can become free from addiction. But, we also believe that treatment should be tailored to each individual’s needs. So, we can help you come up with a treatment program geared towards your recovery needs so that you’ll never miss a step. And, you can be confident you’ll leave treatment with the tools you need to remain sober.

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