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Is Quitting Addiction Cold Turkey Actually Dangerous?

Simple Path Recovery on June 29, 2018

Ending a substance abuse problem isn’t as easy as it sounds. People who are living with addiction often wish to quit using harmful substances. But, the body begins to depend on alcohol or drugs in order to function. When this happens, it makes the idea of stopping seem more and more impossible. Some people decide on quitting addiction cold turkey. In other words, they feel that the best way to stop abusing substances is to, well, stop. In theory, this idea sounds pretty logical. It makes sense, in a way. Yet, we often hear that quitting addiction cold turkey is actually not such a good idea. People say that it isn’t safe and can cause problems. But, is that true? Is it actually dangerous to simply stop using harmful substances? How so?

Why is Quitting Addiction Cold Turkey an Option?

A lot of people find the idea of quitting addiction cold turkey pretty sensible. They believe it’s a good idea. But, why is that? What makes this method of recovery so tempting? Well, one of the reasons this idea is so enticing is its timeline. If you quit using a substance, that’s the end. There’s no detox process, no therapy, no long treatment process. It’s just over. Many individuals believe that simply cutting the substance out of their lives will help them to get over the addiction problem. Money is another reason some people try to end their substance abuse cold turkey. Sometimes, people are put off by the cost of going to a recovery center. In reality, it doesn’t cost anything to just stop drinking or using a drug. But, despite this truth, quitting addiction cold turkey can be very dangerous. Let’s find out how.

Some of the Risks and Dangers

What makes the “cold turkey method” a bad idea? Several things can make this process very harmful. For one, as we mentioned a little earlier, the body grows dependent on substance use. That’s what addiction does to people. When you deprive the body of the drug or alcohol that it’s used to getting, the body goes into a sort of shock. It experiences withdrawal symptoms, which can be very severe. People in withdrawal can have headaches, nausea, stomach issues, and horrible bodily aches and pains. They might also experience mood swings, anxiety, and depression as their bodies crave the substance. These withdrawal symptoms can make the process of quitting substance abuse a very uncomfortable one. Not only are the symptoms uncomfortable, but they could also be deadly if there is no medical help. Quitting addiction cold turkey means ending substance abuse without professional supervision.

In addition to it being harmful, this method of ending addiction can also be unhelpful. It requires no plan of action. There’s no detox. Therapy isn’t necessary. There’s no real sense of accountability. The cold turkey method of addiction recovery could fail because it doesn’t have these things. But, a professional treatment program can create a safe plan to help people succeed in the recovery process.

Ending Addiction the Right Way

Here at Simple Path Recovery, we believe that addiction recovery is possible. We know that quitting addiction cold turkey can be very dangerous. It’s best to get professional help. No one should have to fight addiction alone. This is why we offer programs that help our clients overcome addiction. Our goal is to provide people with the chance to find freedom and change. If you or someone you know is dealing with a substance abuse problem, it’s time to get the right kind of help. Just call us today.

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