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Family Care

A Family Treatment Center for Addiction

At Simple Path Recovery, we know that addiction doesn’t happen in a bubble. It is systemic, affecting family members and others involved in all areas of an addict’s life. So we also act as a family treatment center to help entire families heal from the pain of addiction.

Studies show that the family foundation is usually one of the first casualties when addiction enters the home. Fear, resentment, and anger replace trust, unity, and bonding. This upsets the delicate balance of the family dynamic. The negative impact can reach beyond the present and stretch into future generations.

Simply treating the addict is not as effective as involving the family when it comes to recovery. We know that the substance abuser needs support on his journey and that the more social support a user has, the less likely he or she is to relapse.

South Florida Family Treatment Center for Addiction | Simple Path RecoveryAdditionally, family involvement helps individual members understand their role in the addict’s behavior, whether they are inadvertently enabling the addict, or failing to engage in healthy tactics to encourage their loved one to change. Family therapy also provides a safe place for families to discuss their fears and frustrations and to get a better handle on the treatment and recovery process, addressing concerns and helping their loved one to navigate the path to a better future.

That’s why Simple Path Recovery continues to work as a family treatment center. We use a multifaceted approach to treatment—-one that underscores the importance of the family unit in the recovery process. We have your family’s best interest at heart, understanding the struggles and the hardships you’ve endured throughout your loved one’s addiction.

We’ve watched time and time again as families have come together and helped to light an addict’s way, facilitated by our program therapists who emphasize the family’s strengths and encourage the healing needed for all members to regain their equilibrium.

We’re proud of our family program, which provides the entire family with education and support. We believe it’s one of the most important tools in the recovery process.

Here’s how it works at Simple Path Recovery:

1) Weekly phone calls are facilitated by the person overcoming addiction and their families. Our specially trained therapists are there to moderate the conversation and encourage healthy communication.

2) Our family weekends bring together the person in recovery with the people closest to them for therapy and healing. But we also believe having time to relax and enjoy one another is healthy, too. We arrange the weekend hotel if needed, plan a special family dinner on Friday evening at a local restaurant, followed by a family activity on Saturday morning. On Saturday afternoon, the family comes together for a therapy session that allows everyone to process their day together and discuss their loved one’s recovery effort.

3) On Saturday evening, family members are encouraged to attend an Al-Anon meeting. Al-Anon brings together people whose lives have been affected by substance abuse. It’s a supportive environment formed by mutual understanding and common experiences. It has been an important tool for many people to come to terms with the upheaval addiction can bring to the family setting.

Throughout the weekend, families will become acquainted with Simple Path’s clinical team. We’re certain you’ll agree that our team is the best in the business! We encourage you to get to know us better by becoming acquainted with our staff. Click here to see our staff profiles.

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