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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy Services in South Florida | Simple Path Recovery

Treatment for addiction involves many aspects. Because addiction is a disease which can affect people in different ways, treatment is not one size fits all. Everyone will need to utilize treatment that’s ideal for them, such as individual therapy for addiction . But, one program offered to almost every outpatient and inpatient client is individualized therapy. That’s because individual therapy sessions offer many benefits which every type of person in treatment can utilize. Simple Path Recovery provides various therapy services to help our clients in recovery.

Individual Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Individual therapy is a safe place where individuals struggling with addiction can sit down and talk to addiction therapists about numerous aspects of recovery. At first, therapy sessions may include identifying and dealing with cravings in the early days of treatment. Then, sessions may start to dig deeper to address and confront the underlying causes of addiction. Finally, individual therapy sessions may touch on relapse prevention and determine methods which can be utilized to reduce the risk of relapse.

Of course, each session will differ in topics and may differ from individual to individual, depending on differences in addiction and experience. But overall, it’s used as a tool to help individuals deal with and address emotions that will inevitably come with recovery.

What are the Benefits of Individual Therapy?

Individual Therapy Services in South Florida | Simple Path Recovery

Individual therapy can be more than just a release of emotions by talking things out with a specialist. It can bring about a number of other advantages that recovering individuals can take with them once graduated from treatment. Some of the many benefits of individual therapy can include:

  • Identifying harmful repetitive behaviors resulting from alcohol or drug use
  • Addressing and changing harmful thought patterns which can bring about negative behaviors
  • Acceptance of self and the past so that healing can begin
  • Development of self-accountability so that thoughts and behaviors may be controllable
  • Identifying and confronting broken relationships with family or loved ones so they may heal
  • Establishing and maintaining specific and individualized recovery goals

Individual Therapy Services in South Florida | Simple Path Recovery

A Tool Specifically Meant for You

The great thing about individualized therapy is that it is specialized to the individual in therapy. That means that every session will be utilized to identify and address the emotions, challenges, and achievements you are dealing with on that particular day. It can be completely tailored to your needs in recovery so that you gain the most from each session. As a result, many patients may benefit differently from individualized sessions. But there is certainly something everyone can gain from individualized therapy during a stay at an addiction treatment facility.

Individualized Therapy at Simple Path Recovery

Here at Simple Path Recovery, our drug treatment center offers individuals at all stages of addiction treatment to take advantage of the many benefits that individualized therapy can offer. Typically, patients will attend 1-3 individual sessions per week, depending on where they are with their recovery or treatment. This means that during your time with us, you’ll have the chance to gain comfortability with the therapy process, learn to open up about your emotions, and be able to gain from the many benefits individualized therapy can offer! If you think that you or a loved one can benefit from our South Florida drug rehab, give us a call to speak with an experienced counselor today to learn more about our Pompano treatment center.


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