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Relapse Prevention 

Here at Simple Path Recovery, we are dedicated to helping individuals find true and lasting healing from a lifestyle of addiction. This means going beyond simply helping individuals stop using addictive substances. At our drug treatment center, we aim to help individuals gain the skills and knowledge necessary to prevent relapse and continue with successful sobriety.

Addressing the Process of Relapse

Unfortunately, relapse is a common part of the recovery process for many people and because of this, individuals in treatment may be worried about relapsing once treatment concludes. While it’s important to know that relapse doesn’t have to be the end of addiction recovery, it’s also important to be able to identify and address the process of relapse if it begins. This way, an individual can stop the relapse process before actively using an addictive substance or they can find the help they need to get back on the simple path to sobriety. To help individuals become educated about relapse prevention skills and know what they need to remain sober throughout recovery, we offer a relapse prevention program. This means that we implement various techniques into treatment so individuals can work to prevent relapse effectively and maintain recovery.

When most people think of relapse, they imagine a person using their drug of choice and reverting back to addictive behaviors. However, the process of relapse begins much sooner than the act of using takes place.

Basically, there are three steps to the relapse process; emotional, mental, and physical.


First, during the emotional stage: an individual may start to crave his/her drug of choice and romanticize their addictive experience.

Second, during the mental phase of relapse: an individual may be thinking about using drugs or alcohol and even considering it.

Third, during the physical stage of relapse: an individual physically uses their drug of choice and completes the relapse cycle. The point of relapse prevention technique is to identify relapse while it’s in the emotional or mental stages. This way, physically using a drug can be averted.

Relapse Prevention Program in South Florida | Simple Path Recovery

Identifying Relapse Triggers

Before the emotional or mental stage of relapse occurs, an individual may come into contact with what’s referred to as “relapse triggers.” These are specific events or circumstances which may put an individual at risk for relapse. Because each person’s addiction experience differs, relapse triggers often varies from person to person. Some common relapse triggers may include:

  • Hanging out with people who use drugs or alcohol
  • Going to bars or other places people use drugs or alcohol
  • Negative emotions like anger, loneliness, and fear
  • Hunger and sleep deprivation
  • Stress
  • Isolation

Being Prepared for Relapse

Many people believe that relapsing is an inevitable part of addiction recovery. However, being educated with the help of a relapse prevention program can help individuals learn to identify relapse triggers and, therefore, remain on the path to a successful recovery. Unfortunately, many people will still relapse. But relapse prevention programs also provide individuals with the tools and knowledge about what to do in a relapse situation. This way, those who relapse can take the necessary steps to return to a life of recovery. Ready for treatment that includes relapse prevention techniques? Consider the drug and alcohol addiction treatment options at Simple Path Recovery to begin your journey to a life without addiction now!

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