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When a Family Member Shows Signs of Substance Abuse

Simple Path Recovery on November 21, 2018

If you have noticed any signs of substance abuse in the life of a loved one, you may be unsure of what to do. How do you handle this? Addiction is very serious. When a person is suffering from drug or alcohol abuse, it means that the individual has become dependent on that substance. As a result, he or she may struggle to end that dependence. Even if the person wants to end it, the process will be very difficult. After all, the individual will have to stop using a substance that the body has come to depend on. Addiction causes people to feel like they need to drink or use drugs in order to operate or function somewhat “normally”. Of course, the body doesn’t actually need the substance. But, when people use an addictive drug or alcohol for a while, they develop a physical dependence on it.

Sadly, many people who become dependent on alcohol or drugs begin to abuse and misuse those substances. You may have noticed one of your family members using more pain medication than his doctor has recommended. Or, perhaps you’ve noticed a loved one drinking more than she used to drink. Maybe she has even begun to drink alone or in secret. If you’ve seen any of these things happening, it may be that your loved one has a substance abuse problem. And, just as he or she may feel powerless against the addiction, you may be feeling helpless as you look for ways to help your family member. Many families have found themselves in this situation. People have often felt as if they’re watching helplessly from the sidelines as their loved ones struggle with addiction. It’s understandable to feel this way. But, the good news is that you actually can help!

Signs of Substance Abuse

Again, it’s not easy to live with a substance abuse problem. It’s hard to end dependence on a substance that your body is used to having in its system. Basically, when a person becomes dependent on drugs or alcohol, the individual experiences a lot of changes. Addiction often has a big impact on the brain. So, the way a person thinks, acts, and feels may become very different. In many cases, a person who is suffering from a substance abuse problem may become withdrawn from family and friends. The individual may spend more time alone or with others who are also using. As a result, the families of those individuals may feel abandoned or very distant from their loved one. Your family member may be becoming distant from you and your family. These are common signs of substance abuse.

Sometimes, families are completely unsure of how to best help their loved ones overcome addiction. Unfortunately, many people become enablers, giving their family members money or other opportunities to use substances they’re addicted to. Others withdraw from their addicted loved ones because of how uncomfortable the situation can be. But neither of these situations will prove to be very helpful for your family member. If you’re seeing signs of substance abuse in your loved one’s life, it’s important to help as soon as possible.  The best way to help them get past their substance abuse problem is to seek professional help.

Simple Path Can Help You!

We know. It’s hard to know exactly what to do when a loved one is showing signs of substance abuse. And it’s extremely difficult to know where to start. That’s why we want to help you. Here at Simple Path Recovery, we offer families the guidance and support they need in order to help their loved ones overcome addiction for good. We can help you stage an intervention that will help your family member to recognize the problem in his or her life. We can also provide treatment for your loved one as well as counseling opportunities for your family. Just contact us today to learn more: 855-467-3625.

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