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Juan J.

Great treatment center. Has helped me a lot and the staff and therapist are very caring and helpful. One of the best decisions I’ve made was to go to Simple┬áPath. Thank you for all you guys do.

John M.

The best halfway ever. The staff are very helpful and actually care about the clients. They also do activities that includes all clients to help people become closer. There’s no other place like that. Also it definitely has the nicest housing I’ve ever seen. Overall its the best place to go to if your looking for a halfway that isn’t a shot out place filled with people who don’t care about anything but the money because that’s mostly what you’ll find. But not here. This place is one of a kind and you’ll never find a better place with better people.

Steven R.

I have been here about 8 months…just about as long as SPR has been running. I have seen this place grow and change…just as it has helped me grow and change. I have been to a couple of other places…some good…some not so good…but none of the can compare to the passion this place has for its clients. Best move I have ever made. Love all of you here. All of my gratitude to Sam, Justin, Stevie, Matt, Rudy, Rozz, and Paulie.

Sam B.

I allowed my past to control and determine my way of life back then but now through dedication and hard work the staff showed me a simple path to recovery…….amen.
Thank you all to the simple path friends and family crew.

Xavier M.

Techs care, clinical is on point. therapists are good at their job. Housing was right by the beach. All in all a great place.

Darek H.

One of the best places for Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient I have ever been to. Everyone has love, care, and compassion for each and every client.

Jane E.

Thank You for all that you’re doing, how much you care, how much you give of yourselves, and how much you reach out to the family. Thank You.
Love from your most neurotic current Mom of a daughter currently at Simple Path who has had a MAJOR transformation this week! Shout out to the techs too!

Richie G.

Simple Path Recovery is a family run company who puts their heart and soul into helping anyone who is struggling with addiction. They have helped me become the Dad, Brother, Husband & friend that my family deserves. They have shown me a way of life that I never thought I would be a part of again. I am truly grateful to all the staff for guiding me in my recovery and continuing to be there for me and show up on a daily basis .. I don’t know where I would be today without them .. I am beyond grateful. Thank You.

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