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Some Truth About Addiction Most People Don’t Know

Becki on November 20, 2017

The stigma of addiction in this country has lead to many misconceptions. But, for those individuals who are truly affected by addiction, these misconceptions don’t help. In fact, they hurt; continuing the negative perceptions and keeping those who really need help from getting it. Uncovering the truth about addiction can help to fight this negative stigma and allow individuals to know more about the addiction they face in their everyday lives.

Quitting “Cold Turkey” Isn’t Safe

Because there is a stigma about addiction, it’s challenging for an individual to admit they have a problem with drugs or alcohol. No one wants to be put down about their addiction issues. So, rather than get outside help, many will attempt to quit using drugs or alcohol at home. This method is frequently referred to as, “cold turkey”. But, it’s not commonly known that going cold turkey can be dangerous. Opioids, benzodiazepines, meth, alcohol, and other drugs provide excruciating withdrawal symptoms. Some of these withdrawal symptoms, like those from alcohol or benzos, are actually so dangerous that they may lead to death without medical supervision. And, it has been proven that relapse is almost inevitable for those who attempt a cold turkey method. So, it’s commonly suggested by addiction specialists that detox should only be attempted with medical supervision at a treatment facility.

You Don’t Have to Hit Rock Bottom to Get Help

It’s a common misconception throughout the addiction and recovery realm that a person must hit “rock bottom” before determining they need help through treatment. Rock bottom is a term used to describe the time of life where an individual may feel like there is nothing left for them in this life or nowhere to turn. Many believe that an addicted person needs to hit rock bottom in order to realize that they have an addiction. But, while many are in denial of their addiction, there are actually quite a few people who know and understand that they’re suffering from addiction. It doesn’t take rock bottom to get help. It takes ONE moment to decide that treatment may be effective and ONE phone call.

Relapse Doesn’t Mean the End of Recovery

Far too often, individuals think that a relapse is the end of recovery. But, it’s really just a step in the process of recovery. Most people DO relapse in recovery. And, while it’s dangerous and should be avoided at all costs, it doesn’t have to mean the end of recovery. So, remember that when you choose a life of recovery, there are often setbacks. But, are you going to let these setbacks determine the outcome of your future?

The Truth About Addiction Recovery

Finally, one of the most common misconceptions about addiction recovery is that after treatment people are healed. Recovery is not a 100-meter sprint. It’s a 25-mile marathon. And, treatment is just the first step. Recovery from drugs or alcohol will last the remainder of your life. But, it will get better with each new day. Just remember, although the race of addiction recovery may be long and sometimes grueling, it is so worth it.

Ready to Learn the Truth about Addiction Recovery for Yourself?

We can list the misconceptions and myths about addiction all day long. But, you will really never learn the truth about addiction recovery without experiencing it yourself. So, if you’re ready to take the first step on the marathon that is addiction recovery, Simple Path Recovery is here for you. We offer a number of different treatment options and programs, each tailored to a patient’s specific needs for addiction recovery. If you have any questions you need answering or if you would like to find out how to enroll into treatment, please give us a call today at 855-467-3625.


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