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Assessment/Case Evaluations

As soon as you or your loved one reaches out to Simple Path Recovery about treatment opportunities, we will begin evaluating your specific circumstance and identify all needs. We want to make sure, on the first contact, that we understand the ins and outs of your addiction experience. This way, the most effective care is available to you and your family.

Before Admissions

To get a feel for the type of treatment you may need, we will need to know a few things before enrollment. This information may include detox history, history of addiction and substance abuse, diagnosed psychological conditions, legal issues, family composition and needs, and the use of any prescribed medications. Once we get a feel for the type of treatment needs you may have, we can set up a day and time for admission and the in-person assessment.

In-Person Assessment

Upon admission into our program at Simple Path Recovery, individuals can expect to meet with our team of clinical experts. During this assessment, our specialists determine the individualized needs of each person. This may include the recommended length of residential stay, mental health needs, job placement opportunities, addressing of legal issues, and more. While individuals will have a structured schedule during their time in treatment, the specific needs of each individual are addressed throughout therapies and goal setting decided upon during this in-person assessment.

Medical Evaluation

We want to be sure that all clients who enroll in treatment at Simple Path Recovery have all their medical needs met during their time in treatment. So, the medical evaluation allows our team to establish any medication or medical needs you may have during your time spent with us. During the medical evaluation, our physician will consider a patient’s:

  • Medical conditions
  • Prescribed medications
  • Age and general health
  • History and current substance use
  • Nourishment

Psychological Evaluation

It’s common that individuals who experience addictive lifestyles also live with concurring mental health issues. Often, addiction stems from the routine self-medicating of the symptoms which arise from these mental health issues. It’s also common that individuals are not aware of these mental health issues until they receive a psychological evaluation. Without addressing these issues, people in recovery may not have the best chance at obtaining a life of healing. Those in recovery must understand how to manage the symptoms of their mental health issues so they are not triggers to relapse once treatment ends. So, a vital part of treatment planning is determining specific mental health issues and the needs for addressing them throughout time in treatment.

Addressing the Need for Detox in Recovery

Here at Simple Path Recovery, we do not offer detox at our facility. So, it’s recommended that individuals who seek treatment with us go through detox before enrolling in the program. Detox is necessary to remove any substances from the body so healing can begin. So, it’s a vital step in the treatment process. If upon initial assessment it is determined an individual still needs detox, we can provide a referral to a reputable establishment which performs safe, structured medical detox. And, once the detox period concludes, we can begin with your residential or outpatient treatment planning.

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