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Family Engagement

When a family member develops an addiction, they change. Their priorities, their time, and their energy seem to all shift to using their substance of choice. The result? Angered, hurt, and neglected family members. Addiction isn’t a disease that just affects the person who abuses addictive substances. It’s one which seeps deep into the core of a family unit. And, once a person concludes with addiction treatment, it doesn’t mean that family members may necessarily have gained the healing they need too. So, it’s important to incorporate family engagement during treatment. This way, all aspect of the family unit can be addressed as they relate to addiction.

Education and Resources for the Family Affected by Addiction

Along with needing support themselves, family members can also benefit from learning more about addiction. Dependent behaviors, enabling, and relationship boundaries are all important to understand as a family must be able to engage with their recovering family member in a way that encourages sobriety. Plus, education about addiction and how it functions as a disease is vital for a family to understand. When all members of a family understand how addiction works, they can all come together to support one another and utilize the right tools in healthy ways.

Healing Opportunities for Family Members

During active addiction, family members are often lied to, manipulated, and used. And, while addiction is a disease that leads to brain chemical imbalance and can even result in personality change, family members don’t always see these actions as excusable. And, they’re not. But, without forgiveness and understanding, healing is not achieved. Furthermore, it’s another reason for the importance of implementing family involvement during treatment. Here at Simple Path Recovery, families are given the opportunity to join in with group therapy sessions, receive individualized therapy sessions, and become involved with the alumni program. After all, it’s important that family take care of their own needs and feelings too!

A Family-Focused Commitment to Recovery

While family engagement is important to offer education and healing to families, it’s also vital for the individual in recovery from addiction. When an individual completes treatment, they will likely return to normal activity. This includes regular family involvement. And, without having support and encouragement from family, being around family may even be a trigger to relapse for some. Being involved with treatment lets your recovering loved one understand that you are committed to recovery as they are. And, this family focus can encourage a loved one dealing with addiction more than anything else could. Give your loved one the best chance of obtaining a healthy lifestyle free from addiction with the use of family-focused recovery.

Get Family Support With Treatment at Simple Path Recovery

We understand the impact that family has on addiction. And, oppositely, the impact that addiction has on family. So, we’re here to provide support when you need it during treatment and after! If you’re looking for an addiction treatment facility with a focus on family, Simple Path Recovery can help! To speak with us about enrollment opportunities or to ask us any questions about our treatment tracks, contact us today.

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