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Nutritional Support

Living an addictive lifestyle often incorporates self-harming behaviors. Typically, these behaviors are unintentional and using drugs or alcohol becomes the sole focus of the individual. However, persistent self-harming behaviors can take their toll on the body and mind of a person. Often, one of the patterns of self-harming behaviors is over or under-eating. While malnourishment is common for the individual struggling with addiction, it’s important that these behaviors be identified and addressed during treatment. This way, healthy means to nutrition and new eating habits can develop. And, individuals can live lives in recovery and boost their chances for successful sobriety.

The Importance of Nutrition

Everyone has heard the saying, “you are what you eat”. And, while you may not literally turn into a carrot or a pizza pie, your body does respond to how you eat. Malnourishment can affect sleep, imbalance mood, and reduce the effectiveness of the immune system–leading to health issues. Typically, individuals develop unhealthy nutritional habits during their time using addictive substances and need to learn about the importance of nutrition. When they can understand the importance of nutrition, they will be more open to learning and establishing new eating habits. And, the implementation of nutritional habits and physical activity during treatment can help them establish these new and healthy lifestyles.

Nutrition Education

During group therapy sessions, individuals enrolled in treatment at our facility will have the opportunity to discover educational materials and discussions about nutrition. Furthermore, families of individuals attending treatment may also take advantage of nutritional education tools. Instilling nutritional values as a family can greatly help influence the lives of those in recovery to keep on track with managing a healthy lifestyle.

Group and Monthly Meals

Along with offering means to establish healthy nutritional lifestyles and fitness, we also offer group meals during treatment. Each week, we invite those enrolled in our treatment programs the opportunity to share healthy and balanced meals with their peers in recovery. This not only promotes healthy eating but maintaining healthy relationships with others in recovery. Additionally, we also host a monthly BBQ in which current treatment residents and graduates may come to celebrate recovery accomplishments. Here at our facility, we know that nutrition is an important aspect of gaining true and lasting healing from addiction. So, establishing healthy routines and feelings for eating is an important part of an individual’s time spent in treatment.

Getting a Start on Healthy Nutrition with Simple Path Recovery

Since nutrition and a healthy eating lifestyle is usually compromised when an addictive lifestyle takes hold, establishing new nutrition routines is vital for recovery success. So, choosing a facility which understands the importance of implementing nutrition education and nutritional routines is helpful. Here at Simple Path Recovery, we provide individuals with the means to successful recovery in every way possible–including integrating healthy nutrition techniques and information. If you’re ready to take back your life from addiction and implement new and healthy lifestyle choices, we can help! Contact us today to speak with a representative about our admission process and the next steps to your new life of health and success!

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