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Establishing a spiritual connection throughout addiction treatment is proven to be a helpful component of recovery. Hence, why spirituality is at the core of a number of effective 12 step organizations. So, here at Simple Path Recovery, we provide individuals with the means to develop and nurture this spiritual connection in a number of ways.

Spirituality vs. Religion

Unfortunately, the mention of spirituality in treatment may be a turn off for some. However, spirituality differs greatly from what most people imagine when they hear the word. Usually, people who have either no religious affiliation or do not believe in God are put off by the term “spirituality”. But, it’s possible to not be religious and develop a spiritual connection. While religion is the following of a specific belief and/or deity, spirituality is the connection between a human and a greater power. So, even if one doesn’t believe in the existence of God, they can certainly believe that things happen for a reason. Or, that there is an all-powerful force– one which we cannot control. Basically, the goal of spirituality is to search for a meaning for life. And, to accept that a person does not have control of this life’s meaning.

What spirituality is NOT about is comparing beliefs to that of others. Or, determining who made the cosmos. Instead, it’s about peeling away from the addictive mentality and finding an undeniable reason for life which doesn’t include using drugs or alcohol. And, connecting with something that is bigger than the self’s wants, needs, or even desires.

The Importance of Spirituality in Recovery

When an individual is living in active addiction, their main focus is to use their drug of choice or obtain it. Basically, addiction takes away a person’s ability to focus on anything but their own thoughts and desires. Obviously, this also leads to the inability to focus on outside factors, including establishing spiritual connections which can provide life with meaning. And, while it’s important to address both the physical and emotional aspects of life when it comes to recovery, it’s also important to address the spiritual self. Without giving meaning to life, what is there to live for. Furthermore, what is the purpose of finding healing when there is no meaning to life? So, before one can truly find establish a life of recovery, they must first establish that life has meaning. And, the most effective way to do this is to establish a spiritual connection–regardless of personal beliefs.

Finding Spiritual Meaning During Treatment

At Simple Path Recovery, we know and understand the importance of integrating spirituality into addiction treatment. So, we not only offer individualized and group therapy sessions aiming to address spirituality, but we also offer a number of holistic services which aim to bring about a spiritual mindfulness. If you’re ready to utilize treatment which incorporates a higher meaning to life, we’re ready to help! To speak with an addiction specialist at our facility, please reach out to us today! And, get started on the path to renewed spirituality and a life free from the grasps of addiction.

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