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Vocational Services

Living through the consequences that addiction brings is part of the process. And, one of those consequences is often the loss of a job or career. Or, individuals who find themselves struggling with addiction leave their jobs to focus on getting the intensive treatment they need to establish a life of healing. Whatever the case, vocational services offered during treatment can help these individuals gain the tools and resources needed to obtain a job or go back to school once treatment ends.

Step Down Treatment

Initially, individuals in treatment will enroll into a comprehensive, step down treatment program. This means that treatment is progressive and complete so each individual gains the needed knowledge and support gradually. Recovery doesn’t happen overnight. It involves establishing healthy routines and habits so that life outside of treatment isn’t threatened by the risk of relapse. But, once sober skills and healing techniques are learned, a person isn’t simply ready to be thrown back into the outside world. They’ll need a job first!

The Importance of Vocational Services in Treatment

Undoubtedly, finances can become a burden–especially if one doesn’t have a job to keep up with them. And, negative emotions brought on by financial burden can be dangerous to someone in recovery. The risk of relapse and overdose is still very real once treatment ends. Additionally, it’s imperative to steer away from relapse triggers including negative emotions like stress and anger–both which are negative emotions commonly associated with financial struggles. Furthermore, obtaining a job and/or career which one enjoys can promote self-esteem, hard work, and many other benefits (including being able to pay bills). For both of these reasons, it’s important for people in recovery from addiction to find work or invest time into the future with educational efforts. So, at Simple Path Recovery, we include vocational services as a way to provide people with the means to find work or enroll in school before jumping back into the world outside of treatment.

Vocational Services at Simple Path Recovery

Throughout both individualized and group therapy sessions, individuals will have the opportunity to focus on their passions which may have been hindered due to an addictive lifestyle. Once it’s established what an individual wants to do after treatment concludes, vocational services can take place. Here at Simple Path Recovery, we provide individuals enrolled in treatment help with resume development, interview strategies, the job application process, college enrollment, and much more. Furthermore, we provide sober living environments which can help to keep individuals motivated on their recovery efforts while they are beginning to assimilate back into a work or school setting. Whatever goals you have for your future, Simple Path Recovery will be there to support you along the way!

Ready to find treatment that has your future success in mind and provides vocational services? You can have the life, job, and career you want without addiction holding you back. There is hope and support here for you. Contact Simple Path Recovery today to speak with an addiction treatment representative about your path to recovery!

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