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The Alumni Program

Support throughout addiction recovery is crucial. Although we may like to believe we’re creatures who could live alone, humans thrive when together. And, all too often, the people who don’t get support in recovery end up relapsing and reverting back to past addictive behaviors. Here at Simple Path Recovery, we understand the importance of establishing a network of support throughout addiction recovery. So, we pride ourselves on providing an atmosphere where individuals, who share recovery, can become friends and establish support. One of the ways we encourage establishing this support is through our alumni program for addiction treatment graduates.

Alumni Program after Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment in South Florida | Alumni Program at Simple Path RecoveryRecovery is far from over when treatment concludes. There comes a time when graduated individuals wish they had the resources available to them during treatment. So, at Simple Path Recovery, we don’t take these resources away from our graduates. In fact, we encourage them to utilize them and take part in alumni efforts. Our alumni program offers graduated individuals the opportunity to receive the support they need, ask questions, utilize treatment services, and more!

Benefits of the Alumni Program at Simple Path Recovery

There are many benefits to having an alumni program available to you after you graduate addiction treatment. Some of these benefits may include:

Counseling and Services: Relapse in early recovery is inevitable for many who get treatment. But, it doesn’t mean that recovery isn’t possible. If you find yourself relapsed or think that you may be in danger of relapsing, the staff at Simple Path Recovery will always be here to speak with you. And, get you the help you need so that you can get back or continue with recovery.

Social Media: Stay connected with treatment graduates and Simple Path Recovery events on our Facebook page! We have a whole alumni community in the palm of our hands when we utilize the resource that is the internet. So, social media can be a great benefit for our treatment alumni. Check out our Facebook page today!

Meetings: 12 step meetings are a great place to catch up with Simple Path Alumni. So, our aftercare meetings are a great place for those who wish to continue with recovery efforts and make new, sober friends!

Sober Living: Once you’re alumni, whether you were in residential or outpatient treatment, it’s a good idea to choose sober living after graduation. While you will always be alumni, the earliest days of recovery are undoubtedly the hardest. And, it’s the time when you’re at the highest risk for relapsing and overdosing. So, to remain motivated and held accountable for early recovery, it’s recommended to reside in a sober living environment. Here, you’ll learn how to effectively assimilate back into society sober. And, you’ll gain loads of support along the way by meeting new people and establishing new relationships.

You Can’t Be Addiction Treatment Alumnus without Going to Treatment!

Addiction Treatment in South Florida | Alumni Program at Simple Path RecoveryAre you ready to break the hold that addiction has on your life and get the help you need? At Simple Path Recovery, we offer treatment for all kinds of addictions. And, since we know that treatment must be individualized to meet specific needs of each person in treatment, we can create a program track right for you! Learn more about the programs we offer on our website or give us a call today!

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