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Timeline of Daily Activities

Timeline of Daily Activities Throughout our steps to recovery in Florida, days are structured so that individuals can remain focused on their recovery journey at all times. While scheduling may differ each day, an example of the average day for patients in rehab may include a routine such as the one outlined below.   8:30am […]

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Assessment/Case Evaluations

As soon as you or your loved one reaches out to Simple Path Recovery about treatment opportunities, we will begin evaluating your specific circumstance and identify all needs. We want to make sure, on the first contact, that we understand the ins and outs of your addiction experience. This way, the most effective care is […]

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Nutritional Support

Living an addictive lifestyle often incorporates self-harming behaviors. Typically, these behaviors are unintentional and using drugs or alcohol becomes the sole focus of the individual. However, persistent self-harming behaviors can take their toll on the body and mind of a person. Often, one of the patterns of self-harming behaviors is over or under-eating. While malnourishment […]

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Spirituality   Establishing a spiritual connection throughout addiction treatment is proven to be a helpful component of recovery. Hence, spirituality is at the core of a number of effective 12-step organizations. At Simple Path Recovery, we provide individuals with the means to develop and nurture this spiritual connection in a number of ways.   Spirituality […]

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12 Step Integration

12 step groups have helped individuals walk away from addiction denial, accept help, and gain true and lasting healing from addiction for many years. So, here at Simple Path Recovery, we’ve come up with a way to integrate the ideas that 12 step organizations include directly into our treatment planning. We believe that integrating the […]

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Vocational Services

Living through the consequences that addiction brings is part of the process. And, one of those consequences is often the loss of a job or career. Or, individuals who find themselves struggling with addiction leave their jobs to focus on getting the intensive treatment they need to establish a life of healing. Whatever the case, […]

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Family Engagement

When a family member develops an addiction, they change. Their priorities, their time, and their energy seem to all shift to using their substance of choice. The result? Angered, hurt, and neglected family members. Addiction isn’t a disease that just affects the person who abuses addictive substances. It’s one which seeps deep into the core […]

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Continued Care

Here at Simple Path Recovery, we don’t just throw our patients out into the world to fend for themselves after treatment. Throughout their time spent with us, we work to actively prepare individuals in treatment for life outside treatment walls, clean and sober. But often, this preparation is more than just a 30 day stay […]

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