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The Love Affair Between Depression and Addiction
Written on: 06/15/2018

It’s more common than not that someone struggling with addiction is also struggling with a mental health condition. Because drug addiction is in itself its own mental illness, when it’s paired with another mental health issue, it’s known as dual diagnosis. Those suffering with chronic depression often develop addiction by self-medicating the symptoms of their […]

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Your Family Relationships After Overcoming Alcohol Addiction
Written on: 06/12/2018

Overcoming alcohol addiction is quite a challenge. And, for most people, it’s hard to get back into everyday life once you’ve gone through treatment. Not only is it difficult to return to working and studying, but it’s also tough to build a connection with people in your life. Both the addiction and recovery journeys had […]

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Addiction and Recovery: The Stages of Treatment
Written on: 06/07/2018

When people go through addiction and recovery, they are faced with many challenges. Addiction creates problems within a person’s life that sometimes lead to even more issues. It makes life very difficult and always brings harm to the person. An individual that has an addiction problem has to deal with the intense cravings for a […]

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Discovering Some Ways to Continue Living a Sober Life
Written on: 06/05/2018

Sobriety is a difficult thing to obtain once you’ve suffered from an addiction problem. Living a sober life can be really hard to do if you’re not sure how to do that. Most people who have gone through addiction and substance dependence have a little trouble starting their new way of life. So, if you’re […]

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Do You Think You Might Have an Addiction to Medication?
Written on: 05/28/2018

Many people in our world are suffering from health issues. These conditions cause people to have to take prescription meds. It’s not uncommon for doctors to prescribe medication that could possibly lead to addiction. Of course, the main goal is to help improve the person’s condition. But, as the person takes more and more of […]

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Discussing The Importance of Acceptance in Recovery
Written on: 05/24/2018

When a person is recovering from an addiction, he or she has to learn a new way of living. So many changes have to be made in order to have a successful recovery process. It’s not always easy to make those changes. Some transitions take a while. And some things have to be done before […]

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My Drug Addiction Therapy Sessions Are Over. Now What?
Written on: 05/17/2018

So, you’ve recently finished your treatment process for addiction. If you’re not sure where to go from here, you’re not alone. Lots of people find themselves in the world of “In Between”. After you’ve lived a life plagued by addiction, things seem out of whack. You started therapy, introducing yourself to another abnormal way of […]

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Finding Freedom with Addiction Group Therapy
Written on: 05/08/2018

For most people, overcoming an addiction is an extremely long and hard process. Therapy meetings, treatment sessions, and so much more are all involved in the typical recovery program. Some people have to move away from their homes and into a residential facility to get the help they need. With all of these elements, it […]

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Exploring Different Methods of Drug Addiction Therapy
Written on: 05/03/2018

It’s not easy to overcome drug addiction. There are a lot of things that can stand in your way. Fear can hinder people from taking the first step towards freedom. Sometimes, uncertainty can make it difficult to pursue a life on the other side of addiction. Many people feel alone during the process. Others aren’t […]

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Is a Binge Drinking Problem the Same as Alcoholism?
Written on: 04/18/2018

Unfortunately, there is no rule for the number of alcoholic drinks within a specific number of days which help to determine whether or not a person is an alcoholic. It’s deeper than simply adding together how many drinks a person consumes. And, alcohol abuse is different for each person who struggles with it. When it […]

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