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Alcohol Addiction

Recognizing the Common Signs of Alcohol Dependence
Written on: 11/26/2018

Alcoholism isn’t a new problem. It’s been affecting individuals for years and years. People have felt the negative impact of alcohol abuse for generations. And, unfortunately, people are still feeling those effects. Substance abuse is a common problem. But, the fact that it’s common does not at all negate the fact that addiction is very […]

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Here Are a Few Benefits of Alcohol Abuse Counseling
Written on: 10/10/2018

Every day, another person realizes that he or she has a problem with alcohol use. Every single day, someone notices that a friend is addicted to this substance. But, unfortunately, not everyone who comes to these realizations actually seek help. Often, people are unsure about where to go for help when it comes to substance […]

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Does Using Medication to Stop Drinking Problems Really Work?
Written on: 08/06/2018

In terms of treatment for alcohol dependence and addiction, there are many different methods. Some recovery centers may work with their clients by using only therapy. Others use a medication-assisted treatment approach paired with different types of therapy. Here at Simple Path Recovery, we use this method to treat drug and alcohol addictions. We believe […]

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The Three Most Common Personality Traits of an Addict
Written on: 06/25/2018

No two addiction experiences are the same. This is why treatment should be individualized to a specific person’s needs and own experiences. However, it’s common that addiction can affect individuals similarly. And also true that a lifestyle of addictive behaviors can mold individuals in similar ways. As a result, many individuals struggling with active addiction […]

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Your Family Relationships After Overcoming Alcohol Addiction
Written on: 06/12/2018

Overcoming alcohol addiction is quite a challenge. And, for most people, it’s hard to get back into everyday life once you’ve gone through treatment. Not only is it difficult to return to working and studying, but it’s also tough to build a connection with people in your life. Both the addiction and recovery journeys had […]

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Exploring Different Methods of Drug Addiction Therapy
Written on: 05/03/2018

It’s not easy to overcome drug addiction. There are a lot of things that can stand in your way. Fear can hinder people from taking the first step towards freedom. Sometimes, uncertainty can make it difficult to pursue a life on the other side of addiction. Many people feel alone during the process. Others aren’t […]

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Wet Brain: When Alcoholism Leads to Memory Loss
Written on: 12/31/2017

Abusing alcohol comes with many consequences. But, none of the consequences are as severe as a condition commonly referred to as wet brain. This condition, which leads to a number of debilitating symptoms, is practically brain damage brought on by alcohol abuse. And, if caught too late, cannot be reversed. So, if you or someone […]

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A Deadly Concoction: Mixing Ativan and Alcohol
Written on: 12/30/2017

One of the most dangerous substance mixtures to date, ativan and alcohol have taken many lives. While it may seem like a good time to alcoholics or Ativan users, mixing these two substances can be deadly. If you or a loved one are mixing these two already dangerous substances together, it’s extremely important that you […]

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The Importance of Removing Those Seeking Recovery From Their Environments
Written on: 11/20/2017

Research and trial and error have taught the recovery community quite a bit about what works for addicts in recovery and what doesn’t work. And while each person is unique and has their own set of circumstances, we can point to a set of variables and statistics that seem to produce the best results. We […]

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Handling Anxiety in Recovery from Drug Addiction
Written on: 11/20/2017

For many, anxiety is a real demon which lurks within the corners of each new day. And, for those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, handling anxiety may be a driving cause for the development of addiction. Because anxiety and addiction frequently go hand in hand, it’s important to work on ways to address and […]

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