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Helping Your Loved One to Avoid Addiction Relapse
Written on: 11/29/2018

It’s not easy to beat addiction. When people are working to overcome addiction, they often experience a lot of difficulties. It can be challenging to address the issues you’ve been dealing with for so long. Therapy and treatment for addiction often dig beneath the surface, uncovering the underlying causes of substance abuse in the individual’s […]

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Substance Abuse Relapse: How to Overcome Mental Relapse
Written on: 10/23/2018

As people work to overcome addiction, they encounter a lot of challenges. There are many obstacles and situations that can make recovery difficult. Sometimes, these challenges cause people to relapse and return to substance abuse. Many people think that relapse happens as soon as an individual takes a drink or uses a drug again. But, […]

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Staying Connected After Your Addiction Recovery Program
Written on: 07/16/2018

Recovering from an addiction is a big achievement. Not only does it take a lot of time and patience, but it also takes plenty of perseverance. When a person makes it through his or her addiction recovery program, it shows that the individual was dedicated and committed to finding true freedom. It’s something that is […]

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Wondering If Residential Addiction Treatment is for You?
Written on: 07/10/2018

When it comes to treating substance abuse, there are many different options available. This is a very important way to make sure people succeed in recovering. See, addiction affects people in different ways. So, some treatments may work better for some individuals than others. It’s always helpful to pay attention to the unique needs of […]

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Facing the Fears You Have About Addiction Group Therapy
Written on: 07/09/2018

It’s an amazing thing to know that you don’t have to fight addiction on your own. You have the help of therapists. You have the support of those around you. There’s no need to be afraid anymore because substance abuse is not going to have the power over you anymore. Through treatment, you will find […]

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Developing Healthy Coping Skills for Addiction Recovery
Written on: 07/05/2018

As you go through treatment for addiction, you will experience a lot of new things. You will start to learn more about addiction, what causes it, and the changes it makes in your life. But, some of the most valuable lessons you’ll have are the ones that teach you more about yourself. Through therapy, you […]

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Developing a Successful Drug Addiction Intervention Plan
Written on: 07/02/2018

When addiction touches your family, it can be a scary time. It can leave you feeling very uncertain about how to get through this period. You may be unsure about how to help your loved one. How do you get him or her the best kind of help? How do you make sure your family […]

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Is Quitting Addiction Cold Turkey Actually Dangerous?
Written on: 06/29/2018

Ending a substance abuse problem isn’t as easy as it sounds. People who are living with addiction often wish to quit using harmful substances. But, the body begins to depend on alcohol or drugs in order to function. When this happens, it makes the idea of stopping seem more and more impossible. Some people decide […]

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All About Interpersonal Process Group Therapy for Addiction
Written on: 06/27/2018

Addiction strikes people in different ways. The effects of it vary from person to person. There are also many different forms of addiction. Some people deal with drug addictions while others struggle with alcohol problems. But, because the effects of addiction vary, the treatment processes also vary. There are treatment programs that include both individual […]

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Wondering If Inpatient Therapy Will Work Best For You?
Written on: 06/26/2018

To overcome addiction is to find true freedom. The journey to recovery can be a long, difficult one and you have to be patient with yourself. But, once you finally begin to live life on the other side of addiction, you’ll find that there is so much peace in such a lifestyle. It’s not always […]

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