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Sober Fun: How to Avoid Boredom Without Catching a Buzz
Written on: 03/12/2018

Sober fun sounds like a contradiction when you’re an addict or alcoholic. Drinking and using become a daily part of life when someone struggles with substances. After years of a drug or alcohol habit, getting through a day sober is difficult. The idea of having fun without a drug may sound impossible. But it doesn’t […]

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Staying Sober: Relapse Prevention Strategies
Written on: 02/27/2018

Staying sober can feel next to impossible some days. On others, pretty simple- get through the day without picking up a drink or a drug. For most people in early recovery, the days flip between two extremes. One minute you’re on a pink cloud, and the next it feels like hitting rock bottom all over […]

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Why Having a Spiritual Foundation is Essential to Recovery
Written on: 02/19/2018

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is about so much more than simply putting down the substances. For people new to being clean and sober, it may seem like abstinence is the same as recovery- but there is so much more to it than that. Recovery means a full healing of the mind, body, and […]

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The Benefits of Pets in Recovery
Written on: 02/14/2018

Early recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is not easy- in fact, it’s one of the toughest parts of many people’s journey in sobriety. Most recovering addicts and alcoholics learn a variety of coping skills to help them successfully navigate this difficult period. It can be lonely and frustrating, but it’s also a time of […]

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Boiling Point: Dealing with Stress and Anxiety in Recovery
Written on: 01/17/2018

Dealing with stress and anxiety in healthy, non-destructive ways is a key skill for navigating adulthood. For people in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, it’s even more vital, as learning how to deal with difficult feelings is one of the major ways of preventing a relapse into active addiction. When stress and anxiety become […]

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Dealing with Chronic Pain in Recovery
Written on: 01/15/2018

Pain is our body’s warning system- it lets us know when we have pushed our bodies too far or when we are injuring ourselves. It’s not a pleasant sensation, but it’s useful- it’s the feeling that tells us, “stop exercising, you’re damaging your muscles”, or “take your hand off the stove, you’re giving yourself a […]

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Take Off Your Coat And Stay Awhile: The Rise Of Recovery Cafes
Written on: 01/12/2018

Just when you thought the news was all bad. You might be surprised to hear how many rays of light are beginning to shine their way through the fog in the opioid epidemic. Recovery Cafes–New Places to Meet New Faces Recovery cafes are definitely a point of light on the road to recovery as they […]

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What is Cognitive Based Therapy and How Can it Help?
Written on: 01/09/2018

If you’re searching for treatment for addiction or dependence, you may come across many terms, therapies, or psychological practices you haven’t heard of beforehand. Since addiction can affect individuals differently, rehabilitation techniques differ from person to person. So, there are plenty of various programs and methods utilized at treatment facilities. But, while there are specific […]

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Why Healthy Sleep Patterns are Vital for Sobriety Success
Written on: 01/05/2018

There are many aspects of life that can be affected by drug abuse. After long term use, individuals are bound to have skewed priorities due to constantly having to seek their drug of choice. Some individuals may not be getting the nutrition their bodies need to function properly. Other individuals may not be investing in […]

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How Alternative Healing Methods can Help in Addiction Recovery
Written on: 12/29/2017

Alternative healing methods, or holistic medicine, has been shown to help individuals who are recovering from addiction in many ways. Because individuals are all different, addiction may affect each individual differently. And, as a result, different treatments work for some individuals and not for others. So, it’s important to find what works best for you […]

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