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12 Step Integration

12 step groups have helped individuals walk away from addiction denial, accept help, and gain true and lasting healing from addiction for many years. So, here at Simple Path Recovery, we’ve come up with a way to integrate the ideas that 12 step organizations include directly into our treatment planning. We believe that integrating the 12 steps into our treatment programs allows individuals to gain an appreciation for the support that these organizations provide. And, hopefully, continue working the steps once graduated from treatment.

The Benefits of 12 Step Integration

Basically, the 12 steps are recommendations for individuals attempting a life of recovery. “Working the steps” commonly refers to when an individual is actively involved with 12 step meetings and attempts the work needed to accomplish the requirements each step involves. When an individual uses concepts involved with 12 step work, a number of benefits can be taken advantage of including:

  • Removal of denial about addiction and the consequences it has led to
  • Acceptance that an individual is struggling with addiction
  • A recognition that recovery and healing cannot be achieved alone
  • Identifying and releasing past mistakes or grudges
  • Forgiveness of the self
  • Embracing of healthy behaviors and thought patterns
  • Helping others who wish to be free from addiction

Establishing Support through 12 Step Environments

Undoubtedly, along with the benefits which come to working the steps, the biggest and most effective benefit to 12 step integration is support. Support is huge for individuals in the midst of recovering from addiction. Loneliness can be a major trigger to relapse. Also, addicts usually develop self-harming behaviors and thoughts which may include not feeling worthy of happiness and self-doubt. Obviously, these emotions can bring about negative effects like self-medicating with drugs or even losing motivation for recovery. But, with a healthy support group, individuals can seek help with self-harmful behaviors and thoughts come about. And, be motivated to continue with recovery efforts from individuals who truly care about their recovery success.

Continued Care and 12 Step Integration

Along with integrating 12 step concepts into individualized therapy, group therapy sessions, and relapse prevention techniques, Simple Path Recovery understands the importance of 12 step work once treatment concludes. So, we also include transportation to and from 12 step meetings in the local area for individuals enrolled in our sober living program. This way, individuals attempting to live a life of recovery after treatment can establish a recovery community outside of treatment walls.

Choosing a Treatment Facility with 12 Step Integration

Simple Path Recovery believes that integrating 12 step concepts along with traditional and holistic therapies provides individuals with effective means of treatment. And, we offer this integration in all steps of our treatment program. This way, those enrolled in treatment can take advantages of 12 step concepts from day one until the day they graduate treatment–and further! If you’re looking for a treatment program which includes 12 step integration, contact us today to speak with a treatment representative about your treatment options! Get the help you need to recover from drug or alcohol addiction now!

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