New Year’s Eve and Recovery 

Early Recovery Holidays Are Not easy

Newly recovering individuals face an obstacle soon—New Year’s Eve. While all noteworthy holidays present concerns for recovering people in general, New Year’s Eve is a holiday that is particularly tied to drinking and partying. If this something you are not used to doing sober, then it can take you out if you are not prepared. In fact, NYE can either be a teachable moment or a relapse event. However, If the latter is not an option, then it’s best to do everything in your control to protect your sobriety.

The holidays are definitely stressful and when stress is left unchecked, such emotions can trigger poor decision making as we try to cope with doing things different than we are used to. It will test your nerves and inner resolve. Some people can battle with fully realizing their limitations in sobriety during the silly season. It is crucial for all recovering individuals to keep in mind that they can't drink or drug period. With this in mind, newly sober people cannot put themselves in any position that may threaten their addiction recovery program. In the first year of sobriety, one would be very naive to put themselves into a large party atmosphere of 2020 revelers. Even those who feel safe in their recovery are in danger of misjudging their disease. Luckily, there are lots of ways to bring in the New Year without picking up a drink or drug.

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Relapse Prevention Recipe for New Year’s Eve

With only a week to go until the countdown to 2021, each person has sufficient time to bolster their hard-earned recovery. Now is the ideal time to start planning for how you will close out 2020 sober. Those who are in early recovery may feel curious to accept an invite to a party from familiar friends. Some may feel the need to prove that they can be around heavy drinking or using without yielding to it. Addiction recovery is about creating new, healthy behaviors; it is about developing new rituals in the years of recovery to come. At the same time, New Year's Eve provides recovering alcoholics and addicts with an opportunity to strengthen their connections with their sober supports.

The good news is that 12-step meetings are available almost 24/7 on NYE. In fact, it is probable that the 12-steppers in your recovery network are arranging a sober get-together for bringing in the New year. These celebrations are typically a ton of fun and are a healthy outlet for promoting lasting sobriety. Bottom-line, you don’t have to drink or use to have a good time. Your NYE goal is to stay present and greet 2021 with an encouraging start. People who stay close to their supports set themselves up for success and prevent addiction relapse.

Supporting Recovery in 2021

Simple Path Recovery wishes everyone, with one day or five years sober, a safe and healthy New Year. Now is the time apply your coping tools, practice the principles of recovery in all your affairs, and keep your phone charged and sponsor on speed dial.  New Year's Eve is also a time of making resolutions. If you are determined to make 2021 the year to get sober, then we encourage you to contact Simple Path Recovery. We are licensed by the state of Florida and a Joint Commission accredited substance abuse treatment center. As a boutique addiction treatment center, we tout a low therapist-client ratio of only 4-to-1. Our oceanside setting is peaceful retreat of hope and healing. Our goal for every client who comes through our doors is sustainable, lasting recovery.

Simple Path Recovery is a beach side, boutique addiction treatment center located in Pompano Beach, FL. Recognized as a Top Florida Drug & Alcohol Rehab, Simple Path is committed to individualized care, 12-step integration, and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). Their addiction helpline is available 24/7 at 855-467-3625.

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Dana J.

"Simple Path is an absolutely great place to start turning your life around! From the beginning they were extremely helpful and made sure my entire process very easy and smooth. Everyone that helped me personally there from the start - Lee, Kyle, Matt are all fantastic guys who always had my back with any assistance I needed, always went the extra mile and remained that way my entire time there."

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Jack’s journey began when he arrived at Simple Path to get clean and sober. He never thought he could deal with his anxiety and depression without using drugs. Group and one-on-one therapy empowered him to deal with his problems and get better. Going strong at his one-year anniversary, Jack is in a very good place.


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Jordan D.

"I am so grateful for simple path and all the staff there. They have taught me a lot about myself and how to deal with everyday life challenges. Ian with out a doubt saved my life without him in my corner I don’t know where I would be. The clinical staff is very informative about addiction and help client’s get back on there feet. I’m so very grateful they got to be part of my journey."

Jake S.

"This IOP program has been a pillar in my recovery. They let me stay for as long as I needed to and worked on my core issues. "

Jessica R.

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